Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Dress Project

I have started a sewing project. It's going to be a small dress. The pattern is a New Look #6577, it has a few different variations of the dress, and also includes a hat. The fabric has this pretty (cut out) flower pattern. The fabric I found a few months ago, and thought that it looked interesting, (so into the 'collection') It has a flower border on both cut edges, not the selvedge, so it actually has two borders, and was aproximately 2 yards long , and aprox. 54" wide, (I can't remember, and I forgot to measure it before I cut it).

So, I had enough from one side to make a small dress, and will have enough from the other side to make a skirt. The fabric being very light, and with some of the flower pattern being cut out, I decided to line it with a cotton/poly broadcloth in white, as the flowers are outlined in white. My plan is to have both done before Easter, so both Mother and Daughter can wear them. I should probably post a couple of updates as I work on it.

I should add a note, these are not for me, pink is not one of my favourite colours.