Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Made a card, by scanning an old photo onto cardstock, adding some stickers to it. Wanted to do something different.

Also made a travel jewelery organizer, out of some purple fabric, ( it looks different in a couple of pictures, not sure why).
Found the pattern in an old crafts book, made a few changes to it, but it turned out looking nice. It has a small pouch, and a little ring holder, held down by velcro. Made a separate drawstring pouch to go with it, because I had enough fabric from my stash.
Used some purple ribbon to tie it together.

Took her out for lunch on Saturday, which was sort of a surprise, we were out anyway. We had fish & chips, very good, wish I had my camera, could of made a blog about that too.
Maybe next time,
Happy Mother's Day

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