Monday, July 16, 2007

Another Project....

I haven't done that much lately, (busy), but things have slowed down a bit now, so I have time to make a few projects. I am always looking for things to do. I make notes, have a projects folder, so all I need is time and inspiration. So this past weekend I made something for myself, just a pair of capri pants, nothing special. They didn't take long, so then I decided to make a small outfit for my great-niece.
It's a cute top with matching pants. After cutting it out, I looked at it, and thought that it's a little big, but oh well, there's always next summer. Fabric is a poly-cotton blend, the black is printed on the coral fabric, which is different.
Cost of this project, fabric - 2 m @ $1.97 per m, = $3.94
pattern - .99, (thrift store find)
Plus thread & elastic, which I already have in my stash.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Well, I get to hit another milestone.....

I really don't feel it yet. Not sure what it would feel like anyway.
I think that I'll stop counting from now on.
Besides, like the card says, 'do something you've never done before', which I am planning to........ ( and I will try to remember to have my camera nearby to document these events).